Bloggers, Booze & Balls......... The WPBT Golf

Well it's almost finally here.

The inaugural Bloggers, Booze & Balls Golf game goes this Friday at the beautiful Las Vegas National Golf Club.

As a special treat, we'll have our very own and might I add very special Beer Wench with us on the course. Then as an added bonus almost akin to drawing flaming 7's back-to-back, all of the high and low lights will be caught on film, courtesy of our official event photographer. They'll be riding together natch, so there's no hiding anything alcohol related out on the course. Just as it should be!

Now on to the rules and of course, the teams involved.

Yes we will be playing a scramble format. Meaning that everyone hits from the tee deck, then as a group you pick the shot you like best and move the remaining Golf balls to that location. Then you all hit from that spot and pick the result you like best from those shots and all move to that location as well. This process of everyone hitting each shot from where the team decides is the best spot and moving to the best location each time, is repeated until the ball is holed out on the green.

But with near scratch golfers competing against several 30 handicaps, we need a certified way to close the differential between the two. So the one minor difference in this scramble format that some may not be accustomed to is, this will be an 8-hole Equitable Scramble. Meaning that each Golfer within the group is held responsible for a certain number of tee shots required during the game. Now before you go getting your knickers, (Hmmm... that reminds me to get them packed!) in a knot, be aware of this one simple fact. The tee shots that must count for a particular golfer, are NOT on any specific hole in question. As a team, you may decide what tee shot to use for any of the golfers in your group. You just have to use the allotted number for each golfer at sometime, throughout the 18 holes of play. Within each group, only 8 holes maximum will be affected by this rule. Remember as well, these are tee shots only. All of the remaining shots are wide open!

The groups have been put together using a complex formula that included;

- each player's handicap and ability
- the potential fun factor involved within a group
- familiarity within the group
- Blood Alcohol Content Potential ( used as a tie-breaker )
- Last minute additions & cancellations

So the following is how the current version of the groupings appears at this particular time. Beside each name is the number of tee shots that the team MUST use, from that player during the round.

On the tee @ 10:30am

Dr. Chako - 2
Colin - 0 (friend of Chako)
Katkin - 3
N - 3 (friend of Astin)

On the tee @ 10:40am

Schaubs - 0
Joe Speaker - 4
M - 4 (friend of Astin)

On the tee @ 10:50am

F-Train - 2
AlCantHang - 2
Pebbles - 2
E - 2 (friend of Astin)

On the tee @ 11:00am

Bam-Bam - 2
JJOK - 3

We, (very sadly!) lost Riggstad and the best partner a kid could ever have in organizing this entire thing CK, due to unforeseen circumstances. So as you can see, there are two spots still available at the last minute. Please contact me at the e-mail address to the right there, if you think it might be fun to join in on the fun. Just $99 for Golf on an amazing venue, Cart, two FREE drinks AND one hell of a lot of fun!

Let the games begin!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Drizztdj said...

My 200 yard power slice was used by Jackie Mason in Caddyshack 2.

Victory is a lock.

Joe Speaker said...

Well, this one's over. The one thing I CAN do is drive the ball.

Ship it to Whatever My Team's Name Is!

jjok said...

I will channel Harvey Pennick and pull the biggest Crenshaw come number 18.

And I don't even know what I just said.

BWoP said...

Bummed, bummed and more bummed.

I expect full write-ups from everyone involved.

And pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.