Frantic Friday : The Halloween Edition....(NSFW)

It's the most wonderful time, of the year!

Yeah yeah, I know! That normally goes with another holiday right? Well I happen to love Halloween and often I think of it, as my second

We don't have a ton of neighbours out here in Bedrock but those we do have, love to party it up at this time of year.

Last years party was totally off the hook and judging from our conversations so far this year, it looks like we may have even more fun than that!

What's that?

Oh yes! We take this time so seriously around these parts, that we all get together for a

to discuss our

This neighbouhood party for

always keeps me busy as a bee!

Last year Marcy and Britney from next door, rocked the party as two

I can't wait to see Britney this year, as she's decided to come as Peter's little Sister

Can you imagine!

One thing about living out in the boonies like we do in our little cave here, it can be said that we never get sick of seeing us some

I had a huge laugh with Marcy about her costume this year.

She's recently married and when asked about her ideas on how to dress up for the party she replied with, "I'll be coming as the old ball and chain."

I gave some careful consideration as she described the way her costume would look and then I told her, "if you dress exactly the way you've described,

Even brudder CC and Gueber are going to get in on the action this year. CC is famous for his past costumes and after that breathalizer thing he wore last year, I can't wait to see what he comes up with this time around. He always keeps his costume ideas to himself but one things for certain, he never dissapoints!

Neither should Gueber I believe. Although I can't quite picture what she's going to look like as her hero

I was seriously considering going as a little boy this year, just in case she really got into the part!

Peb's had a real dilemma figuring out how to top last years amazing costume. Absolutely everyone thought her

outfit was HAWT!

I was a little dissapointed when she said she was going to dress up a little bit "tamer" this year. Then she showed me her costume!

My Peb's is going to be a

and if you ask me, a HAWT one at that!

Alright kids, that's going to have to do for now.

I hope each of you has a great

and if possible, you all get to attend a wild

and have a blast!

Take care!

Huh? What?

Oh...... me!

Well, it's supposed to be a secret but since we're all friends here and I know I can trust you to keep it, I'll let you in on what I'm going to wear to the party.

Let's just say that this year, I'm hoping to deliver a lot more

than Pizza!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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DrChako said...

Is there a way you can put that last picture as a link or after a jump? 'Cause the rest of this post rocks!

Seriously, keep up the good work. Loves me some Frantic Fridays.