Reflections of a Cave Dweller....

Stuff you should already know, but just in case!

1) Poker is S-T-U-P-I-D and should only be attempted by those wishing great harm on their Heart. (and of course Liver, if you're doing it right)

2) All Women should be treated with class, dignity and respect! That is of course, until they do something to make you see otherwise. (see also : Poles, Begging for tips & Single mom's with parents in Eastern Block Countries sections)

3) It is NOT your right because it's supposed to be your right. Each and every right is so very special, that even the little ones must be earned. ( see also : Entitlement, Poker & Douche-Bag sections)

4) The World needs to realize that humour really IS a funny thing. It applies so differently in so many situations and to so many unique beings, that it's really a wonder that more wars aren't started by some kind of joke. (see also : Sarcastic, Entitlement & Douche-Bag sections)

5) I really appreciated everyones well wishes for my recent celebration of aging. I had a blast all weekend and can't say enough about what kind of a lucky S.O.B. I am, to have such great group of family and friends that actually WANT to hang around and do crap with a Kid like me.

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My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Goatlady said...

You can say that again, POKER is STUPID!!! Happy belated birthday? I guess you aren't wiser, if you are still going to the felt! Tee hee Good luck this year, may all your POTS be huge suck outs!

Memphis MOJO said...

You didn't say, but I hope your back is getting better!