(Summer+Degeneracy)+(Friends+Peb's) = Way +EV....

It’s really starting to feel like Summer around Bedrock these days. Finally !!! In a discussion the other day with DonKaaa, we realized that we were wearing shorts back in the second week of April, but we had to wear pants and jackets to get out golfing just last week. The weather is just starting to “normal” out for us and it’s wonderful to feel the warm sun and breeze on some exposed skin once again. I liken it to a good old-fashioned battery charging, and you know what? I could use a little of that right now.

But it’s not just the weather you see. It’s a whole lot more. Last night for example, was one of those nights that help’s this kid enjoy all that there is to savor in a Bedrock Summer. Great friends in the form of DonKaaa and the beautiful Queen_K, my red hot Pebbles at my side and to make it all just right, being out on the golf course. There are a few times the four of us have gone out for a game of golf….. well……. let’s just say several of those stories won’t be making it out here on the interwebbie thingy. I’ll leave most of it up to you; the reader’s imagination, but I will say this. If you think we’re degenerates when it comes to props and wagers when we play poker, then we’re completely immoral and insoluble when it comes to our golf prop betting history. Absolutely nothing is safe or considered off limits, as our degeneracy can often hit all time high’s, ( Hmmmmm….. I guess that should be low’s huh?) where the vast majority of workers at the course are aware of what’s going on. You want motivation to hit a great golf shot? Consider if you will, your shorts and the use of them to get to the next tee blocks, may just be on the line! Yeah…… we’d better stop at that one. Many things in this foursome are way better left un-told and were far better lived, than any discussion or written word could ever possibly do them justice. And THAT my friends, is just how we roll.

So last night we officially started out our season long quest to out-play, out-wit and out-prop each other at every given opportunity. Mercifully for me at 4 over par, it was a quiet first night. A quick check after the round found me fully dressed and completely dry. And aren’t they two of the key points every golfer’s looking for after a round of golf? Everyone actually came out of the first “real” round of the year, relatively un-scathed. At first I wondered if this was the start of getting old or even worse, a sign of us GROWING UP! But I don’t think I really need to worry about that too much. I just can’t see that ever happening with this crowd. I think I’ll chalk it up to everyone not being too certain of the state of his or her game. Although the girls certainly didn’t show any signs of concern, as they both continually blasted the long bombs off of the standard men’s white tee blocks, time and time again. Please don’t tell Peb’s and Queen_K everyone. But DonKaaa and I always get some of our best enjoyment out of watching the looks on some of the guy’s faces, as the two of them blast it 250 down the center seemingly at will. They are without a shadow of a doubt, the best scramble partners any golfer could ever dream of. Of course, we make them hit from the reds in those situations. (HEY !! They got "the parts!)

My +4 was the result of a couple of errant shots totally related to the time of year and lack of any type of practice at all yet. I also missed a couple of key 4 footers that I really should be making at any time of the year. DonKaaa settled in at +2 for the round and he could have improved that quite considerably, had he been able to get a putt on the correct line on several of his legit birdie chances. Great weight every single putt, he just couldn’t seem to get the ball on line a few times. Based on our games as played last night, I’d have to say this could be one of the best seasons of golf for each of us in the works and that’s pretty damn exciting.

But based on the props that I know are just around the corner, I guess I’d better start practicing again! It’s obviously time to pull the socks up Bam-Bam! Or else you just might be pulling something else down !!!

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