Playing with your wife....

On several occasions over the last week or so, I've had the privilege of sitting at the computer with Peb's, as she plays a game of poker or two. I have basically taken one important thing away from this wonderful experience.


To say we have a slightly different "style" of play, is kind of like saying, there's a bit of a difference between Ketchup and Tabasco.

Now don't get me wrong, she is very successful and having a great run right now in her favorite on-line money making game. In fact, she's tripled up her bankroll in the last three weeks or so, and I am incredibly proud of her for that. It's just so different from my style, that sometimes it can be downright scary to watch.

As you would expect, sitting together while she's in control of the thought making process, can lead to some 'healthy' discussions regarding the decision she has, or is about to make. These discussions are stellar.

Bam - "What the hell are you thinking?"
Pebbles - "What?"
Bam - "Seriously! Why the hell would you call that bet?"
Pebbles - "What do you mean?"
Bam - "I mean, that's the third bet out into the pot and well, you're not exactly holding the nutz there Peb's!"
Pebbles - "Yeah, so?"
Bam - Well. I'm just trying to say..................
Pebbles - "Yay!! I win!
Bam - Yes, I know you won but I want to know what you were thinking when you called.
Pebbles - "I was thinking those ribs you made for dinner were great!"
Bam - "Good Lord!"
Pebbles - "Come on honey! Look at my notes on the guy. Any ace is pretty and he'll play it like the nutz, all the way down. You need to learn how to read people better."
Bam - "WTF ? How do you 'read' people on line?"
Pebbles - "I don't exactly know to be honest. You just do."
Bam - You're telling me, that woman's intuition is in play here?"
Pebbles - "Maybe."
Bam - "Why did you just raise there?"
Pebbles - "They'll fold. .............. See!"

and just a bit later.....

Bam - OK!!! Try explaining that move to me? I dare you!"
Pebbles - "What move?"
Bam - "Jamming the pot with the nutz, with three other players in the hand. Why scare'em away?"
Pebbles - "I'll get at least two call........ahem... See!"
Bam - "I need a drink!"

**note** - Ever so slight use of my creative license, to embellish the seemingly 'blondness' of my darling wife. It's my blog! Besides, those that know her and have played against her, know the real truth anyhow!

Now the fun part really isn't in how she's playing or what style she's using at the time. The fun part truly is, trying to understand the logic behind the things she does. Lord knows, she can't seem to find the words to describe it to me so I'll understand. And this is where we come to a bizarre realization that, I'm no good at that either. Neither one of us can properly explain our NLHE poker game styles and strategies to the other. Pick another game, any game! Golf, Euchre, STUD, Baseball, Volleyball, hell.. fishing! We have completely coherent discussions where it is very clear to both of us, what the other is thinking at any given moment.

My darling Pebbles has taught me so many wonderful things over our time together, that I'll never be able to thank her enough for everything she's done to improve me as a man. I would hope that I've at least been able to help her out in somewhat the same fashion as we've gone along in our fantastic life together. Both of us have been very successful over the course of our poker development, both on-line and in the live games. But there is one thing for absolute certain when it comes to NLHE poker strategies and our styles of play.....

Peb's is from Venus and Bam is from Mars.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


pokertart said...

hahaha! That's just like Banky and I. Except it goes a little more like this?

PT (playing): What would you do here?
Banky: Fold
PT: Really? (calls & loses).
Banky: I told you.


PT: What would you do here?
Banky: Fold
PT: Really? (calls and wins). See!

BWoP said...

Don't mess with Pebbles!

The Wife said...

Peb's is from Venus and Bam is from Mars . . . you're just figuring this out now, love?

Have a great day - and NEVER question the way a wife plays. Or try to teach her golf. Ask the Dr.

Smiles and hugs to my favorite throwback in a Packer jersey.

Baywolfe said...

You two are the "Burns and Allen" of the poker/blog community.