Truly meant for one, but willing to share (part II) ....

This morning as I made my way out of the bedroom with my usual kiss on your forehead and an "I love you with all that I am," to my own sleeping beauty, it donned on me how fast time has flown by of late. So many things have gone on and so much has changed over the last four years. Now I know we've been together for a lot longer than that, but it was four years ago on this very day, that you looked me in the eyes and said, "I do."

Although smiles obviously exsisted before that moment, none felt the way that they have ever since. I can say with heartfelt certainty, that smiles before "I do," were something I'd never noticed as 'visible' in a mirror or photograph, for sure. Whereas now, they are something of a regular occurence in these old grey eyes, as they occasionally take the time to look upon themselves.

Laughter before that moment meant I was having a good time, or perhaps I'd liked what I'd heard in the way of a joke. Now laughter simply means we're together.

Before "I do," comfort was a way to describe a particular body position, or my favorite food on my favorite chair. Now comfort means nothing but I am at your side.

Togetherness always meant that we'd get with the gang and have a lot of fun before "I do." Now it represents the fact that I am totally incapable of being together with you, without some form of physical contact.

Before "I do," wonderment was a phrase over used and quite possibly, over rated. Now it's the very essence of seeing you for the first time, everytime. No matter the timeframe apart or the location of the sighting.

Beauty back then, only exsisted from the first moment I laid eyes on you. Since "I do," I have felt it's draw on me even stronger, each and every time I see you again.

Lust before, "I do," was merely a thought in my head as my eyes met yours. Now it is the hunger for your presence when I am without you, and the desire for your touch when I know there is no way for it to be possible. It then grows wildly and out of control until finally, it becomes a state of hunger that can only be satisfied by some form of contact with you.

Before "I do," desire was what I felt when there was something I thought I wanted or had to have. Since those two small words, desire has become a drive within me to please you. This urge lives strong in my heart and will not subside throughout any passing of time.

Before "I do," we were a couple on the way to the altar, after 8 wonderful years of learning what makes each other tick. In the four years since "I do," we've become one in the understanding and acceptance of what it is that makes each other tick.
Not surprisingly my love, I've found that it is you and you alone, that can keep this ticking within my very being.

Happy Anniversary my lover, my best friend, my soul mate and my wife.

Please know that two things shall forever remain the same. Three simple rules that we share, and the fact that I do now and shall always, love you with all that I am....


BWoP said...


I know that you are a much better man for having her in your life.

Riggstad said...

and poker!! don't forget poker!!!

and scotch!


Congrats to you both!

Evy said...

awwwwwww so sweet

you two are so lucky to have each other!!!

katitude said...

Happy Anniversary, you two crazeee kids *grin