Ladies Day in Bedrock....

It’s obviously Ladies day here in Bedrock, as I have a few suggestions for some reading I think you should do.

The first is from The B.W.O.P. For those like me that like a good mix of the game, her post on the “Nut-Nut” game is a great review of solid strategy. I highly recommend it.

Next, on to the sultry and steamy Wife. Well, I’ve met her and hugged her and she is in fact both. (in a sisterly way to me, of course) However, today I’m talking about her Infidelity piece. It reminds me of another storyteller, but I can’t quite put my finger on who that is just yet. Go see if you can see anyone else’s style in the story. I know I wish I could write like that.

Honourable mention goes out to brudder Carson and we'll just call him 'one of the girls' for now. His Hoy vs. Carson piece is almost as much fun to read as it is to watch.

Finally, no matter how much I want to say “and the final lady of the day is,” I just can’t do it. Yesterday I meant to make sure you all read this little life reality check from, (my brother in BB’s) BadBlood. It’s one hell’uva piece and fits right into my current situation. In fact, from talking to several of those that read here, I know you’ll find it of interest and perspective as well.

Good reading !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


BWoP said...

You are too sweet!

The Wife said...

Thanks for the nod . . . though maybe I'm too stressed at work to get your reference to which male writer I resemble . . .

It is fun to write saucy posts . . . but I did forewarn my husband that he needed to keep reading past the title.


BadBlood said...

Always appreciative of the kind words, sir. Meant also to comment on your sick laydown of bottom set. Nicely done.