Expecting company ....

It was a typical Saturday night and we were at the bar, (go figure!) and it all seemed very normal. Well…. normal that is, if you’re a TuckFard. The Carsino had an air about it that night that was slightly different than usual. But most times… most times that could just mean Nutzy doesn’t have as much gas as usual. Oooooooh, there was something else in the air for sure that night; it just wasn’t him this time.

The week leading up to that night was filled with excitement, anticipation and a giddiness that sometimes made a few of us look like a 14 year old school girl waiting for the Sr. Football team to come out of the locker room. The Tuck’s were pumped! We had not just company, but special company! Not the “get out the good silverware and tablecloth” kind of company, but company that deserved to see us on our best behaviour for sure.

Now if you’re a TuckFard, wanting to be on your “best behaviour” can be a tricky thing ! TuckFard’s are best when left to act in their “natural” way. We’re kind of like that line of ant’s you see while having a picnic. Very entertaining to watch, totally amazing when you see some of the things they can do, and yet if you interrupt the natural flow of things as they are happening, the next thing you know you have ant’s acting like idiots and a totally ruined picnic. A natural Tuck, is a funny Tuck. A natural Tuck, is already on his/her best behaviour and needs no extra prodding, cajoling or extra effort to bring out the best in them. If you’ve got a natural TuckFard, (or several) in a fun and comfortable environment, just sit back and go for the ride. You will not be disappointed, I PROMISE!

Because we headed out to Vegas light several TuckFards, Pebbles and I really felt some crazy excitement for this night when it was first planned. We thought about the sadness we first felt, as a couple of our dearest and favorite invisibles notified us that they would not be making the trip. We felt their absence continually, possibly more than we would have felt their presence on that craziest of weekends. This one night however, this night was planned to atone for all that was missed. The Tuck’s were having company, and company meant all things pokery and fun.

Brudder Carson was a little on edge as time went on. Up the stairs, down the stairs. Up the stairs……. He didn’t come back down? I did what I do and cracked another beer. Shortly after, I remember being on “my” stool in the Carsino bar area and noticing a little commotion at the base of the stairs. It wasn’t the regular commotion you get when several TuckFards are getting back together after a little time away. This was a quiet kind of noise. A noise, I’m not sure I’d ever heard before in that room. It was the company !

Now there was a real problem. You always want the TuckFards on their best behaviour, but several of them were between my position and the company. The company that I’d looked so forward to spending some time with in Vegas. I wanted to mow’em down and get to my newly found and currently visible friends, but I couldn’t. The rest of the Tuck’s were as thrilled as I was that they’d arrived and I’d just have to wait my turn. Patience is not my strong suit by any means, but somehow I managed to wait my turn. I stuck my hand out and said, “Bam-Bam.”

“I know” was her response, as my hand was shoved aside to make way for a hug. A warm, friendly and very welcoming hug. An unusual moment to be certain! A welcoming hug from very special company and all at the Carsino. It was supposed to be me sending that warm and welcoming message out to her. Not just to re-affirm Carson’s warmest welcome wishes, which I’m positive he’d bestowed, but to make up for the lost Vegas time, we’d both so surely missed. I wanted to say something Tuckfard’ish but I couldn’t. All I could do was hug, and smile. I was in a very happy place and I didn’t want to leave. Of course right there by her side, was Banky.

I’m a firm believer in first impressions and mine at that moment was so very, very clear. Mr. Bankwell is a solid and strapping young man, apparently deserving of such a fine catch as PokerTart. They make a very handsome couple and it was clear that they would always be at their best, while at each other’s side. I always like that feel about any couple I meet. It’s how I feel about Peb’s and I at all times. When I see that in others, I know there’s magic happening elsewhere in the world as well. That just makes it even easier to fade the little annoyances in life and focus clearly on the more positive issues at hand.

Speaking of positive issues! If you’ve taken the time to read here, I’d appreciate it if you’d also take the time to wonder over and congratulate both PokerTart and Mr. Bankwell on their latest news of an addition to the family. Pebbles and I could not be happier for them than we are now. The thought of a “Mini-Tart” or “Baby-Banky” on the way, is fantastic news indeed.

Hmmmmm…… “Baby-Banky” ….. Bam-Bam …… BadBlood……… Do you think the world is ready for another rockin’ BB ? I’d better start putting together some ‘crib tunes’ just in case.

I love the fact that our kuh-myoo-ni-tee is about to grow.
Congratulations kids !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by ….


Anonymous said...

"just to re-affirm Carson’s warmest welcome wishes, which I’m positive he’d bestowed"

I don't have a Bam Bam sort of warm.

That was a great night.

pokertart said...

Aw...I'm all misty!

Thanks for the well wishes.

On a slightly related note: you'll have to ask Pebbles if whipped cream bras coming in the nursing variety ;)

Mr. Bankwell said...

"Mr. Bankwell is a solid and strapping young man"

Wow, usually I get "Stupid looking Donkey or Asshole."

Thanks for the shout out. (Not shoot out.)