Milestones and mumblings....

Some milestones for you ;

-This crazy little place called Bedrock turned one month old today.
-This is the 29th post entered in those 31 days.
-My first Visitor’s: Bankwell, NutzFirth, The Wife and BadBlood keep on coming back.
-I’ve managed 360 something unique visitors in that short amount of time.
-Those visitors have created a little over 2800 hits on the site in a month.
-Bedrocks visitor breakdown is pretty eclectic, even by my standards.

-USA - New Zealand -India
-Canada - Japan -Denmark
-UK - Ireland -Italy
-Germany - Sweden
-Australia - Myanmar

-Bedrocks top referrers for the month were; The Wife, Sir Al and the lovely PokerTart.

My utmost appreciation to each of you.


Now, on to some mumblings ;

My first mumbling….. is to offer everyone a very Happy Hanukkah ! If this is your time, enjoy it and get the most out of it that you can. If this is not something you normally celebrate, WHY NOT ! Everyone I know could use a little more holiday time.

I was chased from the TuckFard Freeroll by Carson’s Mom. I knew she had my made 2-pair killed, as soon as I saw she was holding A-Q as her hole cards. Of course the typical Queen came for her on the river and that was that. My already made two pair with A-8 was junk and I was crippled. I then pushed crap–crap into TotalTilt with less than 5 BB left. The second I saw, “Damn Bam” appear in the chat box, I opened up the SnG’s and typed in “np.” I knew she had the pocket rockets before they flipped up. I don’t win races like that. (mostly ‘cause I don’t usually get into them) I was going to work on my come from behind victories for a bit, since my way ahead strategy seems to leave me more vulnerable to suck outs. But I figure suck outs only happen to good players and I’d rather be on that side myself. Yes indeed Virginia, the really is a grown up Bam-Bam.

With the early freeroll departure, I decided to go to work at the SnG’s and really commit myself to playing as I do. That was a good idea. I had 4 more wins out of the 5 SnG’s I had entered. I bubbled the second game by running K-K into A-A when both of us slow played a flop of A-K-x. I lost to good play. I can live with that too. Combined with a fairly decent showing last night, ( I didn’t play!
Very +EV !) the bankroll is solid enough to stay at the $5.50 level for a little while longer. That makes me pretty happy. I really want to get to the $11.00 level. I see it happening sooner, rather than later.

I finished the piece I was working on and I literally just sent it off to Pauly. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe if it’s half decent to him, I’ll pull one of the other old relics I’ve tossed away out and touch it up a bit too. I love writing and all the frustration that goes with it.

Pebble's seems to be doing just fine. I was amazed by how many out there have contacted me with some form of similar stories or situations. It's freaky that so many that read here, know something of this problem. Not to be mean by any stretch, it makes me feel a little bit better too. I don't feel so "why does this stuff only happen to us" anymore, if you know what I mean?

2 sleeps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


NutzFirth said...

Glad to hear pebs is okay bam. I hope u 2 have a great time in vegas.

I'll be thinking about u guys as I try to take aim at makin' the final.

pokertart said...

Have a blast! I can't wait to hear all the stories :)