An act of random Bam-Bam 'ness ....

Like I've often said, I write to think things out. Maybe "think things out" isn't exactly the right way to put it. Maybe it's more like work them out instead. Whatever! I write and I feel better. I've done more writing in the last two months than I have in my lifetime I think. I don't know where it's all coming from, or going for that matter. I do have a piece that I've been finessing more than the rest. If I can get it to where i want it to be, I might shoot a copy out to The Good Dr. for a future edition of Truckin'. We'll see.

Other than that one piece, my writing has gone along my chosen path of randomness. With that said, here's a list of things on my mind;

1) Without question, I have the best IIF's going! Bar none! Each of you, (and I know you know, who you are!) has come up with the right words at the right time, whenever I have needed to hear them. I cannot say enough, about how much you have meant to the both us, at critical times. The word appreciation just doesn't seem strong enough for what your sentiments have meant to me.

2) I am surrounded by a group of person's that I am proud to call my friends. As with the above, you all know who you are. Whatever it takes to make a day better, be it encouragement, laughter or whatever, I can always count on my friends. You make me feel very fortunate and proud to be part of our not-so-little circle.

3) Decembers Truckin' is out. All good reads and I highly recommend you get there. If you are not familiar with the concept of Truckin' you've really been missing some excellent reads every month. I suggest you take a look at back editions when you get a chance. Whether you're a blog reader or just like to read, there are some excellent works available every month.

4) I want to say I'm sick of snow. But I am worse than a realist. I'm a Canadian kid, livin' in the country, and it's only December 3. I will wait until oh say... March, to officially get totally sick of the stuff. Until then, I'll say "it sure makes things pretty."
Yeah... That's Canadian enough for me.

5) I really missed live poker this weekend ! I missed being with my friends at both the TuckFard Saturday night game, and representing Team TuckFard at the team challenge PPP. I hope to hear some results from everyone soon.

6) We have managed to put a man on the moon. We got a rover out and onto Mars that can send feeds back to Earth. A discovery team has managed to duplicate DNA well enough, that they can in fact create life from a test tube. All incredible feats for mankind. Why the hell don't we get all of these scientists together with all of the data available, so that they can work out a cure for the common cold?

7) I've realized that the biggest difference between myself and BadBlood is...the location of the decimal point, in relation to the 0. As I struggle through my personal on-line challenge at the current levels, I am holding fast at the $5.00 games. I started at $1 and have worked my way up through the numbers to $5. Where BadBlood, has gone from the $10 games and has worked his way up to as high as $50 I believe. I think he's moved back down to the $30 games for a bit, but if things don't change a little towards the far more profitable winning side soon, I might just have to drop back to the $3 level myself in a bit.
For the record, this actually means nothing at all, I just like comparing myself in some small way to my fellow BB.

8) Holding the love of your life in your arms while they're showing no signs of life, is something I hope none of my friends will ever have to go through. Even if it's only for seconds.

9) I'm scared as hell taking Pebbles out to Vegas this weekend, despite the fact that she say's she's fine. Until someone can explain exactly what happened and why, I think I will have this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach at all times. I also am concerned a little in the back of my mind, that she may be putting on a bit of a brave front for me. This is not typically her style. But I know she does not want anything to ruin this weekend for either of us. We've both looked so forward to this, for so long now.

10) The Vegas Blogger Advent calendar here in the cave say's,

WoooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made a list, I have checked it twice and I'm gonna be naughty, with those who've been nice. A lot of my IIF's, are about to become visible, Huggable and touchable ;o) IF's.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by ....


The Wife said...

I like being huggable - but technically, I am touchable too. Just not in certain places unacceptable to our spouses. :)

Have a great day - see you soon!

The Wife

Otis said...

My wife can tell you a lot about finding her spouse's seemingly lifeless body. The symptoms all sound remarkably the same.

The first time with me was especially bad for me because I fell flat on my face when it happened and my teeth cut a hole all the way through my bottom lip. I could have drank through a straw without opening my mouth. That time, I woke up bloodied before she found me.

The second time was in the middle of the night. I woke up to go to the bathroom and passed out cold, hitting my head on the wall as I went down. I was unconcious long enough for her to wake up, run in, go back out, find the phone, call 911, and get halfway through the call.

We've toyed with a lot of things that might have caused it, including but not limited to orthostatic hypotension, hehydration, electrolyte imbalances, etc. Never figured it out.

Regardless, don't worry. It's scary as all hell, but in the four and half years since it first happened to me, it's not had any noticable affects--other than the scar that I keep covered up with facial hair.

Get on the plane and get ready to enjoy yourselves.

BadBlood said...

Just caught the post about pebbles this morning. Wow! Glad everything is OK. FYI - If she passes out in Vegas, pretty sure we'll know the reason why this time. ;)

Also, keep pluggin' at the SNG's. I'm still doing the 22's and 33's primarily. Still not at the 55's yet. A decent run during a month may get me there - I like to have 50 buy-ins for each level I'm at.

As I've found, the variance at the turbo SNG's is very large.

See you soon.

pokertart said...

I'm with Otis on this one. If Pebbles says she's up to, she's up to it. Enjoy your weekend, you both deserve it!

As for the decimal points - I've played high, I've played low...right now, I'm back to low. For me, it's about enjoying the game, and as long as you're doing that, then the decimal points aren't really that important.

Mr. Bankwell said...

I hope Pebble's is doing well.

For games I personally like to play the lower limit games because I have more fun playing them and losing doesn't really matter. I know I can and have played higher buy-in games but most of the time I am playing for fun and if I come out a few dollars at the end all the better.

I know people say it all the time but it really comes down to bank roll management.

Drizztdj said...

I suffered serious seizures for 3 months after my head injury, and triggered ones for 6 years.

How she's manages to see me as the person she married versus a charity case goes to show her will power now that I'm "healed".

I was truly blessed when she said "I do".

Alyson said...

Good post.