The death of a BLAH-G....

Long time no nothin' kids....

Nothin' but work!

I've been spending more time considering what I've accomplished in my time in the Bloggerverse here, than I have on the living for the now part that I loved so much.

"Looking back is no way to live".
~Freddy Mercury

Then there's the real me.

I wrote some crap about

Yay me!

What I thought was my fav of all time in

was merely my contrived "sense of belonging" in our community.

When I look back at how this shit all really went down I have to say, I'm not sure I could've done it all any luckier!

The goal when I started this crap was simple....
Get someone to read my drivel.

Then the goals got a bit loftier!

1) Drink Al under the table (check)
2) Play in a G-Vegas game with Blood and Otis (check)
3) Get some time in Vegas with the kids (check, check, check, check, check, check AND check)
4) Find a HAWTIE that wants to be around me (check, check, check, check, check, check, check.... ad infinitum)
5) Get a real man to cook ELK for me (check)
6) Meet The BlogFather (check, check, check, check and hopefully, NEVER check out DAMMIT!)
7) Thank our troops (check)
8) Drink one, (maybe two'ish) with a guy (check)
9) Speak like a fool on BDR (check)
10) Buy Pauly a drink (check, check, check, check, well.... you get the idea)
11) Shoot the shit with JJ and DRIZZ on the Golf course (check)
12) Win a "Big Game" (check) Win The Skills Game (check) Win a BBT game (check) win a Dank (check)

What can I say?
Raised simple, born lucky.

For those of you keeping score however, there's always #13....

Get my ass to OKIE-VEGAS  and its only 10 days from right now so hey!
Let's call it "soon to be CHECK"!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

Sounds like the Keystone Light will be flowing ...

KenP said...

You sound remarkably like a guy we still remember.

Wolfshead said...

Would have loved to gone to Okie-Vegas but am pucking up my daughter that weekend to start 3 weeks worth of travel