Fine Piece of Tale....

The title just sucks you in no?
That's EXACTLY what I like about you!

The good folks over at Gambling Tales have thrown together a little game for tonight. It comes with an added bit of free cash too, courtesy of FullTilt Poker.

I'm not sure why I always invite a crowd out to these games and greatly reduce my chances of making the cash though, must be the "polite Bedrockian" thing.

The only way to get in this thing is to head over to Gambling Tales and have a listen. Even if you don't play in the game, I'm sure you'll find that the trip over there is still really worth it! Falstaff and Special K are always a pleasure to listen to and the topics they choose to discuss, just may hit closer to home than you might think!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Memphis MOJO said...

must be the "polite Bedrockian" thing

Or it might be the nice Canadian thing.