The night that was....

Man, it feels like FOREVER since I've dropped into this little corner of the intertubles myself! I think I just may have been addicted to the place just a touch, based on my previous post frequency for the last three years or so.

I'm of course not going anywhere else soon, it's just amazing to me that missing a week or so hasn't had the effect that missing a day used to have, back in the day.

The weekend around here was spent gambooling on ponies, slots and of course, the golf course. The overall results for this kid however, were just slightly better than break-even.

Golf = Holes won on the last hole, Poles vowed revenge!


Slots = Despite my lack of enthusiasm for pulling a handle as a form of recreation, the local Lobstermania managed to make me a break-even playah for the entire day.

Lobstermania paid for the STOOPID ponies, paid for Dinner and somehow the penny slots as trivial as we all think they are, managed to pay for what may be called a "serious" tab, at each and every watering hole I happened to frequent along my merry way.

This pie-eyed piper as a matter of fact, dropped a penny slot voucher, (seriously! Paper! Just a second or so of ching-ching and a slip falls out? Is it just me, or is the music of coins hitting the tray the thing that's missing from the whole Casino vibe these days?) at the bar to cover cocktails for 12.
~FWIW my brudders, four of us on a rather exceptionally aged Macallan.

I hit a little on the BIG side!

Share the wealth with loved ones right?

Peb's ran like, well.... Peb's!

She ran a profit at Golf, HATED the (did I mention STOOOOOPID!) ponies and of course, nickle slotted her way to covering the entire day for the two of us. Well actually, she prolly covered the night for almost everyone truth be told but hey, I'd already bought everyone their wildest dream in drinks so you know, what's a girl supposed to do?

Here's part of the night, (way after the STOOPID ponies!) in pictures.

This loser,

ran with the HAWT chic,

all night long.

Lucky loser!

Brudder C.C., Queen K and of course DonK-EH, were all there for the fun.

Around here, there just is no fun without these kids!

Have I ever told you my dear reader, about.... Gueber?
(pronounced gway-burr)


Gueb's is a mix of Latino heat and Canadian cool. She's not actually my problem, she's all Brudder C.C's dilemma.

I've actually got an idea!

Which one in that picture is Gueber?

One is Brudder C.C.'s wife, the other is his Sister.
You decide!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


SirFWALGMan said...

I think the one on the right is his sister... Is the hair really red or dyed? Just curious.

lightning36 said...

Yeah, blogging has been slowwwwww. We need something like a BBT to wake us up.

I used to be an avid slot player. It just isn't the same without hearing the clink--clink--clink (or better yet, the clunk--clunk--clunk of the $1 tokens) from the old machines.

Sounds like fun. Wish I was there. : o )

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for the photos. I have no idea which one is which, so won't guess.

DrChako said...

Sister with makeup. Just a gut feeling.

Now tell me how to score some of that old Mac!


PokahDave said...


The Wife said...

Love to see those pictures of two of my favorite peoples!