I'm no Astin, BUT....

It continues to run about 101F outside right now, so this heat has me thinking about tonight's dinner.

To start the meal, I headed down to the garden for what we like to call around these parts, one of each.

They would be one Cherry Bomb, one Banana and of course old faithful, the Jalapeno.

The day before I'd made a 24 hour sun-soaked fiesta salsa, with two of each in every jar.

A recipe I'd learned back in Akumal and might I add, from a very good friend. FWIW since the whole "Mayan Riviera" BS, the place has really lost it's luster to me. That's of course IMHO. But I just think the whole 'Sales' thing, is ruining the last great destinations we have on the planet. The first time I enjoyed Akumal, I did it with 16 locals and four other adventurists. The last time I visited back in 2000 something, I might as well have travelled to Disneyland.


I grabbed a bit of 80/20 and as per my old family recipe, I mixed it 80/20.

Chef'ish, (in my case anyway) talk for 80/20 ground beef, mixed with an extra 20% ground pork. For the foodies out there YES, the cheese is in the meat.

It was 109F out there so for Peb's and I, fries were totally out of the question! There were however some pretty damn good Louisiana Hot Sauce ripples in the cupboard, sorta' lookin' for a taste.

Oh and the oval shape of the burgers?

When the Paninis come out of the oven right at 4:30PM I always say, MAKE THE BURGER FIT THE DAMN BUN!

Yes that's the salsa on my burger and yes, it was delicious!

Who needs to actually breathe while eating anyways?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...


Astin said...

Funny, I tossed a banana pepper, a jalapeno, and a cherry out last week after I took too long to get to them. A real shame on my part.

Looks tasty! Guess I should get back to making food sometime... and posting about it.