MTT's.... the debate

So yesterday's post about getting it in good repeatedly, only to be continually sucked out on, raised a fun little debate amongst a few friends. The debate focused only on the two sides of this vicious coin.

So which would you prefer to sit through?
*remembering that we are talking strictly about large field MTT play.

A) You keep getting dealt monsters that improve, only to watch the pot be pushed to someone else that got there on a draw.


B) You never get dealt a playable hand and are forced to constantly decide when to make a move, or when to fold for hours.

I'd value your opinions AND the reasoning behind them.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


VinNay said...

Obviously choice B, since you already told me I lose with choice A.

TanOrpheus said...

It's B for me Bam-Bam, winning a pot you didn't deserve with crappy cards is the far more satisfying side of this coin. Even it's just picking up the blinds with the Bammer !

Schaubs said...

100% A.

Stats don't lie. Eventually you will get yours and your hand will hold. You want opponents to make bad calls with incorrect odds. Unless you are giving them the correct odds to call to the draws time amd time again... which I doubt.

KenP said...

A. is going to happen and is likely to increase as you get better -- especially at low BB tables. Reason is simple. You aren't chasing or ignoring odds while others are. Table selection can limit but not do away with it. I know I should walk from a lot of tables where I don't or wait too long.

B. It is the reason for conspiracy theories about active flops and the like. Variance is a bitch and always shows up at the worst moments. All you can do is hope to keep your sense of humor.

KenP said...

Oops, that was MTT and I was thinking ring. Ignore the part about table selection.
SE :)

Sean D said...

I'd rather be stuck in A then B.

With A, I know that I'm in a trap that will sooner or later , if I am playing optimally, will change into my favor.

B. Seems like Poker Hell. Then you move to, "well should I push with 32o or the bammer?" (The Answer is OBVIOUSLY the Bammer!)

Because with A , you can change your betting styles to make these morons pay you off with their draws and make it completely unreasonable to call, or if they do and YGHN, then you aren't wasting time on a tournament with such obvious douchebags.

I think taking a time out from any activity after you have played to exhaustion will cause you to think differently.

Take a live tourney I was in, where I couldn't do anything but catch all my draws. People were betting me enough that when my draw hit, it was worth me to chase. And I won. It wasn't for much, but it's a matter of your mindset. I wasn't thinking about the other 5 live tourneys in the last month where I was raped by the A2o or the 49o (because it was his dead wifes favorite hand). I just thought about that tourney that hand. You are a good player bammer, just in a rut. It will all come back.

And we will celebrate your victory together!



Astin said...

Or reworded:

A) Frustration


B) Boredom

I'll take B. Better for my health, and keeps hope alive. You're not going to lose very quickly with that option.

Hell, it's how I won the Golden Hammer!

KenP said...

OK, I said some things and then said oops and now it is oops again.

Ring...chase...bad odds...

Tom Dwan proved it happens at higher stakes. Just watched High Stakes Poker #6. Daniel again got pawned by the 4 outer. In old Vegas Durr would have his legs broken by now.

BWoP said...

I'd go with A. If you give your opponents the incorrect odds to chase and they still chase, the variance will even out over time. I also feel like you have more opportunities to win bigger pots in A, which is crucial to MTT success.

lightning36 said...

B (see VinNay).

The shock of A is quite disconcerting. Nothing like planning a final table run in your mind and getting boofed out of a tournament in one or two bad hands.

I've had several tournaments in which I have gotten crap cards for extended periods and survived, then actually came back big time deeper in when I caught a few hands.

In many tournaments I have won or in which I have made it to the last two or three, there seems to have been a different type of karma during the tournament -- sort of a "feeling" that has little to do with the mathematics of poker -- at least for me.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Hey BB.....i'm late to your party here, but I find your question quite thought provoking. Maybe for reasons other than what you were driving. Obv if I take your choices literally, 'A' would never be an option. But obv that's a hypo.

The reality is that both 'A' and 'B' , and their inverses will occur on your way to winninng MTT's. Especially when stacks get short, and Blinds go high, you need to both get monsters (rare) that hold and you need to draw out on your opponents superior holdings (more likely).


Keep at it BB ... Your day will come!