The Mastodons graze....

The idea Saturday morning was simple, Peb's and I would jump in the Red Rubble Rocket and head into town to pick up The Doc and CK. From there, we'd all head out for a little fun on the Golf Course. Sounds simple right? We'd gather at The Westin Pointsett where they were staying, aiming for sometime around 9:00am.

UH..... one minor issue.

You'd think SOMEONE would have told us that there'd also be 10 gajillion runners preparing for the 5K and 10K runs that morning. Oh by the way The Westin Pointsett, just happened to be their starting point as well!

Looking for CK and The Doc, think needles and hay stacks!

We found them of course and for the rest of the day, these mastodons were going to graze on the gentle bent grass greens and fairways of Verdae. <== that link's for Schaubs. Go ahead, be jealous! ;)

"Holes vs. Poles" ~credit CK

It would be the boy's against the girls apparently so all that was left to do, was settle the game and the stakes. With such a gorgeous course ahead of us, I hoped everyone wanted to play their own ball. Done! I'd seen that we'd be giving the 'holes' a pretty huge advantage from the tee blocks also, as The Doc and I would be playing from as close to the tips as the course would allow.

"A stroke a hole at least!" Peb's spat out.

Once I finished laughing, I told her to shove it.

My partner offered up a solution of his own, a stroke a hole except on the PAR 3's. Then we could readjust or renegotiate before we started the back 9. Done!

The stakes? It just didn't seem right for Peb's and I to get involved, as one of us would be reaching into my pocket to give the other any cash prize. So we made a deal. Doc and CK played for the cash and us, we'd use our cash to by the winners drinks at the first bar we went to that night. It seemed appropriate to go with a win-win in my mind.

The Front 9~

"Coffee please, and could you throw on one of those breakfast sandwiches too." The Doc.

"Hun, could you grab me a coffee please?" Pebbles.

"Oooooo breaky sandrich, YUM! Me too prease and uh, a brue gatorade." CK

"Is that Scotch behind you there? Oh.... and I need a beer. Actually do me a favour darlin, throw a six pack on some ice for us as well please, I hear we may not see the beer cart until the second hole or so." You get 1 guess.

Although a touch rusty from a long Winter hiatus, everyone hit a few great shots, a few good shots and then, a few shots that reminded us of exactly why we are not on any type of professional tour. In other words we played golf and along the way, we had a little fun.

There was also one other constant as we grazed on the grass of Verdae,

grass makes you really, REALLY thirsty!

The 'poles' broke out to an early two hole lead in the match. The 'holes' would clearly want to renegotiate the deal for the back 9. "This could get ugly" I told The Doc.

And it did!

The Back 9~

"A stroke a hole now" said the 'holes' to me in unison, "and if your partner doesn't agree, he's a dick!"

As the Doc made his way back to our cart with that goofy boyish grin I've come to love, his expression changed from what I can only guess, was the beaten down look on my face as he saw me.

"A stroke a hole?"


"We're screwed."


"Want me to get the beer wench to throw a few more scotch on the wagon then?"


The 'holes' made a Tiger'esque charge right from the start of the back 9 and one thing was certain, the game was on!

You see, trying to hold on to a lead when you're playing a 224 yard PAR 3 up hill and into what little breeze there was, while the 'holes' are hitting a wedge from 111 yards at the same time, is uh..... daunting to say the least.

Then the turning point for us, came at around the 15th hole.

We'd run the wagon out of scotch!

The 'holes' were one up, with one to play.

It was time to try a new tactic, if we were going to have any chance at the tie. The Doc bombed a drive right down the middle. I followed that up with a shot down the left center, leaving a pretty good view of the green from that angle. All that was left to do now was, intimidate!

CK may have noticed that the Doc may be, or may not be, staring at her ass. The shot went right.

He made sure that Pebbles was certain that he was staring at hers,

the shot went left.

As the 'holes' scrambled to find the finish, I stuffed my third shot into the center of the PAR 5's green. Only to watch it juice it's way all the way to the front. I had two putts from 25 feet to tie. The first was a weak ass attempt, making it only 20 of the desired 25 to go. Then Peb's dropped a bomb and suddenly, the five footer really was to half the match.

Was there ever any doubt?



I don't want anyone to take this out of context because truly, I do love us all. There's just something magic that happens when this little group gets together. Smiles get larger and more frequent, laughs become steady background noise and challenging one another in whatever it is that we do, brings out a hilarity that is unparalleled in any other part of my life.

So to the mastodons that grazed the grass of Verdae with me, despite it never going to be enough to do so, I simply say thanks again.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to finish up my thoughts on the mastodon migration soon. When I do, you my dear readers will be the first to know.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you had fun. Good photos!

DrChako said...

Damn, that was a good time. I think I need another chance to compare backsides on the "holes" team. Rematch?


Schaubs said...

I would not be doing my part if I didn't comment on the "grass" you are speaking of.

Since when is grass brown?

News to me ;)

The course looks nice from the website, but I see that they have shut off the water for the winter...?

What gives.

Anyway, the course comes second when you are golfing with such a great crew.

Sounds like it was a blast!

Nice clutch putting there on 18 too. When I first read Doc's post about you draining a putt for the half I never pictured it to be a 5 footer... still clutch nonetheless.

Drain the long one next time would ya ;) (unless it's against me)

BWoP said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, what a fantastic day!

BWoP said...

Oh, the rematch is SO ON!!!