It's all about heart....

US Coach Ron Wilson on the game;
"In fairness, Canada out-chanced us two-to-one for most of the game and our goalie played excellent," said Wilson.

Ya think!

I'm a Devils fan through and through and Marty B., well he's just the best that's ever played the position IMHO. However, I have no idea who the hell that was in net for either team last night.

Miller stood on his head, stopping 42 of the 45 shots taken by the Canadians. While Brodeur looked out of sorts, confused and quite often, he looked a little too disinterested in the actual play on the ice. What the hell was with that Baseball swing he was trying to make, when all he had to do was simply place the puck behind the net? So not a Marty mistake!

Cindy Crosby may have gotten a goal but when Rick Nash is the team leader out on the ice in any game the Canadians play, the opposition has the ugly game that they want. That IMO, will almost always lead to a loss for Canada. I think Miss. Crosby could've learned a thing or two from the Russia/Czech Republic game. Nothing like having your "star" player in Ovechkin, lay out the other teams "star" player in Jagr, with a beautiful open ice hit. As I've said here before I'm not a huge fan of either Ovechkin or Crosby to be honest, but there's no denying their stats. I'm just saying that in yesterday's games that meant so very much to the teams that were playing, there can be no doubt that Ovechkin showed up when it counted and Cindy, not so much from what I saw.

Unless they can pull some semblance of team play and atmosphere together soon, I see no reason to call that group of Hockey phenoms "Team" Canada at all and that, well that just breaks my heart.

Coach Mike Babcock's job was to pull these stars together and put the best team he could out on the ice and now more than ever, he needs to do his job well. Now it's not all on his shoulders since the players obviously need to show up, but that is his job.

So last night we got beat between the pipes, as Miller was far superior to Marty in almost every single way. Then we got beat between the bluelines as former Devils Rafalski and Langenbrunner with the Canucks Ryan Kesler, all showed up for the big game and were dominant players for the American side. All we brought to the party was the outstanding grit, heart and determination of one Rick Nash. So we also got beat between the rib cages I believe, as I think the American team out-hearted us when it mattered the most. Add to that what Wilson got out of his talent vs. Mike Babcock and I'd have to say, we got beat between the ears as well.

All that's left to see now is, if the real Team Canada players will show up for the remainder of this event. They most certainly have the talent and at times last night, they were more than a handful of difficulty when they showed it. But unless they can bring that attitude and heart for a full 60 minutes every time, I see a very disappointed nation in our near future. BUT ! Lord help anyone in their way, if these guys do manage to put it all together!

In other Olympic news;

Petra Majdic of Slovenia, WHAT A STORY!

Did anyone else watch the Womens Cross Country Classic Sprint?

During a training run right before the big race Petra tumbled off the course, falling about 10 feet and onto some rocks. Badly bruised and confused, Petra worked her way over to the starting line a bit later.

Turns out, Petra Majdic was more than just bruised when she won bronze in the individual classical sprint on Wednesday. The Slovenian cross-country star was found to have broken four ribs and suffered a collapsed lung from the earlier fall.


If I were Mike Babcock I'd have THAT story plastered all over the dressing room walls, as a reminder of just how important it is to bring a lot of heart to every single moment of these Olympic games!

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Schaubs said...

If and WHEN they start Luongo tomorrow he will also stand on his head and make Canada proud!

He's taking it all the way!

Please don't bash Sidney during the Olympics. He is Canadian and you should be honored to have him on your team.

He will put this team on his back again, when it really matters.

Round robin is just that... seeding and we need the extra game to come together as a Team.


BamBam said...

Luongo HAS to start the next game... agreed.

The extra games do give Canada an opportunity to gel... agreed.

As for Sidney... I'll be the first to give him praise for a job well done, if he does pick the team up and carry them to the final. Being a Devils fan though, I watch him play a lot with the Penguins and I just don't know. I will never expect him to be a team leader, the guy that does the talking in the dressing room or on the bench. But until I see him leading with his heart on the ice, I just can't say he's doing what he's supposed to be doing for our team.

You know me Schaubsy, Canadian through and through. I bleed and breath this game. If only four more guys jump on the heart wagon with Nash, nothing or no one will stop our team from winning. It just becomes contagious, when there's always someone out there playing that way.

Now all I'm asking for is, a few of them to go ahead and jump right on!

Bayne_S said...

Waffles stands by his pick of Canada taking the Gold!!

VinNay said...

I'm as surprised as anyone that we beat Team Canada, but I think you nailed it. It came down to heart, and I'm so proud of our boys for bringing that heart onto the ice. I hope they can keep it up.

I really don't understand why Marty was in net. Luongo played game one and was awesome, and Marty was only so-so in game two.

I expect a bounce back from the Canadian team, and hope to see them in the gold metal game against us.

BWoP said...

The thing about the Jagr / Ovechkin hit is that there is history between Russia and the Czech Republic. The Czechs *despise* the Russians and vice versa.

The commentators kept reminding us that they'd speak their native languages on the bench, but English to each other so they could understand the insults.

Jagr skates under the number 68 because that's the year the Russian tanks rolled into (then) Czechoslovakia.

When you have that kind of history with another country, the game is certainly going to be way more amped up than an effective NHL all-star game in a prelim round between two countries who are quite friendly toward each other.

I suspect that this loss, however, is going to wake up the Canadian team in a big way. (And I'm not so happy about that.)

lightning36 said...

Quite an effort by the USA. If Canada regroups we could have one hell of a rematch down the road -- barring lazy play by the USA.

Bayne_S said...

No Canada

We scored five goals on thee

No Canada

More U.S. gold you'll see

Credit to Jim Caple of espn for the verse