C.S.I. Bedrock....

There's a silly little Poker post coming up shortly but for now, it's all about the C.S.I. around here.

We woke up this morning at our usual un-Godly hour, then muddled around with the teeth cleaning and other morning rituals as always. Then the phone rang.

"Good morning Peb's speaking."

"It's K from next door."

"Good morning K. Everything OK?"

"NO. Someone busted into our cars and honestly, I think they're still out there."


"I know you guys get up this early too, be careful if you go outside!"

So Detective Bam-Bam puts on the good guy white hat and heads out the front door, only to find that someone has in fact been on our property. All over our property! Whoever it was actually hid on our property, twice as a matter of fact.

There were clear tracks in the fresh inch or so of snow, right outside our front door. More at the front tree and a very clear set was left where the would be thief must have been startled by something, as they were scoping out the prospects of our cave. They hid just out of sight of the road, along side the back of our garage.

So Detective Bammer and Sergeant Peb's went to work on quarantining the crime scene. Stepping only in tire tracks and our foot prints already present, we traced the steps of the criminal at large.

It was very obvious from the tracks as we followed them, that someone had hit each house along our road. Eventually one by one, the neighbours started coming out to the road to do the same investigation from their properties. There was only one minor detail that they'd all over looked. They were stepping in and on the tracks of the thief.

Enter C.S.I. Bedrock!

As I waited at the end of the driveway for one of the Police cruisers making their way from house to house, I was met by a very frustrated looking officer.

"Let me guess. Someone is rifling the goods out of everyone's cars."

"Yes Sir. Are you missing anything?"

I explained the situation and showed him the path that the crook used on our property.

"Mr. Bammer you either watch way to much C.S.I., or you have an awful lot of common sense for a kid!"

"What's C.S.I.?" I asked.


After his very in-depth explanation of what appears to be his favourite TV show, I still have to admit that I love when I say or do something, that gives someone THAT look.

I wasn't allowed to take any pics of the ordeal, (despite it being my property) but it was kind of funny to see all the little orange pylons scattered around the place, where a good solid set of foot prints could be found.

Scary really, we live way out here to get away from this kind of thing. If the crime of the big smoke is starting to make it's way out here, we may just need to find a new cave.


I think I'll just post the property and shoot first.
There's always time to ask questions later!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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BWoP said...

UGH. What an ordeal. Be safe!