Not as STUD-ly, as I was hoping....

Seeing that the Poker Slut game was STUD last night, I got myself signed up for some fun. Despite the end result, I did have a lot of fun as expected.

I couldn't get too much going at first, as it seemed that I was the only one getting any hands. That lead to a long run of collecting the antes and brings only. Of course that does help build the stack a little but as you can imagine, very little!

I finally ran a hand or two out with one or two others involved, and managed to hold on to win a few bigger pots. I felt like I was paying pretty good attention to detail and had enough game going, to hopefully get myself deep into the event.

I ran into this hand with SuperCon where with Scottc killing an open Ace, I was hoping SuperCon wouldn't buy that I had the split Aces. When I hit the two pair on fourth street and he still wasn't going anywhere, I figured SuperCon for a draw to the clubs. When SuperCon hit the Ace of clubs on fourth, it had to seem improbable at best that I had the Aces back. After fifth and sixth streets were delivered, I was starting to worry about a possible set that I may be up against. I was already willing to believe that it had become a busted draw but after seeing a few of the other holdings they'd shown, a small two-pair seemed more likely. I took the gamble on my read and went to seventh street, just hoping I was right.

The only other significant gamble I took, was when Numb counter-shoved for all-in on one of my completes. With two dead Aces I felt good about my Kings. If however he had the rolled up 6's, good for him and I would be gambling on a hard draw.

The gamble paid off and once again, I just got lucky at the right time.

I made one huge mistake late in the game, when I didn't pay attention early on to the dead outs of mine. I'd stayed in the hand far too long with what I was hoping was an open-ended straight flush draw. Only to whiff completely on any of my outs to make a hand. As I reviewed the hand wondering how I could have missed so many possible outs, I saw that the two cards to make the amazing hand I wanted had already come and gone. Hell! I even missed the two of my suit that were open folded.

HUGE mistake in STUD! One I'm not really used to either.

Scottc then ran over me on a couple of draw heavy hands I'd held. Again, with nothing coming to make a hand of any strength. Great game for Scotty too by the way! He came to final table as the shorty, with just 1270 something in chips. When I busted in third, he was a massive chip leader over second place. Hell of a run!

I was hoping for a better result to be honest, but to run deep in these things you just can't make the mistake that I did. I know SOOOOOOO much better than that, but the mental mistake still happened. That's all it takes to change your prospects for the win I'm afraid, one major blunder.

We'll get'em next time though!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Snuffy said...

GG Bammer. I like your Darvin Gump moce 3 handed last night that I will hopefully get on my blog today :)

Have fun in Vegas, wish I could go this year.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on 3rd. Taking bloggers' money is the nutz.

DrewFours said...

Nice work Bam!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!