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After taking a week for myself to sort things out in my head and also knock a few hundred things off of my "Honey-Do" list, I guess it's time to get with the plan for going forward.

Have no fear, there is one! I just don't think that this is the appropriate spot to start a forum on it. So I'll share more details at a later point in time.

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Back to last Friday's Golf game, my brudder The Doc should have definitely gone the other way! The under was where the smart money was put, as I did manage to get the score to a couple under. Not good enough FTW unfortunately, but respectable none the less. *After seeing me hit balls the way I did in PA, I can't say I blame young master Chako for being a skeptic!

Sunday our club held their inaugural 27 hole challenge. A fun 2-player format where three different games are involved on each of the three nine hole layouts. The Island nine was played as a regular shoot your own score and record the best of the two players scores on each hole. Also known as better-ball. I've really learned to love that new 9 and despite mother natures attempts to throw me off my game with some serious hail pellets for about 10 minutes or so, I maintained enough composure to shoot a solid 37 on my own. My partner played great from tee to green, but sometimes getting that damned little white ball to fit into to the hole was a real challenge.

The South nine was a two person scramble. This was really where I wanted to take advantage of the partner I chose! There are a couple of reachable PAR 4's and with my partners length off the tee, I wanted to see some great approach shots out of me when it came to the long PAR 5's! On the very first hole of the scramble, my partner damn near put us on the green in one! I knew right there and then, that my Peb's was the best choice I could've ever made as my partner. I had a 6 iron in for a second shot on the ultra long first PAR 5 and she did it again on the last PAR 5 as well. I think she left me something like 131 yards in on that one. Man she was getting some Daly'esque distance with the big stick! We really wanted to score better in this format, (and should've!) but once again our putting was pretty suspect.

The Central nine was a complete alternate shot format. Meaning you just take turns hitting the ball, until it's holed out at the end of the nine. Lather-Rinse-Repeat is all that really needs to be said. Great shot after great shot, only to be followed up with some brutal missed putts. Now the pins were in some really awesome and tough spots for sure, but we have no excuses for missing as many two and three foot putts as we did.

It was a blast and one things for absolute certain, we'll be back at it again next time. We didn't get to play with DonKaaa and Queen_K but judging from their comments and the smiles on their faces, I'm pretty sure that they are looking forward to the next one as well.

The last "big" Golf deal of the year for me now, is The Men's Shootout. I start on the first tee with 18 of my friends and we try to annihilate each other, one hole at a time. You have to play well to move on, as the worst score on each hole sends one Golfer packing at every hole along the way. In the end the guy that shot the best on all 18 holes is left standing alone, as The Men's Shootout Champion for the year. I've only got my name on that trophy once. I think it's time I went and did something about that don't you?

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I might as well register for 50 different huge field and big buy-in events right now and not show up to play. I'm quite certain to run worse than ever, (if that's possible?) for sure after I tell you, I haven't been running so bad of late. Nothing big or special really, just a fair amount of 1st. to 5th. type cashes along my merry way. Certainly I just put that to a complete and utter stop right there!

I've been digging a certain HORSE game and have really worked on my H. and O. hand selections a lot. After careful study of HH's and matching the information to chip stack sizes and hands played, it really shouldn't be a surprize at all, that those formats were where I was leaking my stack away in the games. I've adjusted and hopefully retained what I've learned. Yah I know! I'll let you know how that goes another time!


OK I'd better get at it! Hopefully it won't be so long, until I get another chance to drop back in here again. For some silly reason, I really miss this place!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

My humble apologies for skepticizing. Something about stress makes us brudders rise to any challenge.


Memphis MOJO said...

Glad you're back.

I haven't been running so bad of late. Nothing big or special really, just a fair amount of 1st. to 5th. type cashes


BWoP said...

I really need to do more Category #2 and Category #3 stuffs . . . especially with the Bammer by my side :-)

Sean D said...

We'll be here when you return!