Frantic Friday : A Life Lesson Edition....(NSFW)

Well Frantic Friday lovers, we're back! Not 100% sure for how long or how many though, as all of my time seems to be focused on finding some type of gainful employment. Amazing how all that cash coming in, can make life so much more simple huh?

I was all wound up about a job that Peb's came across that basically, fit me to a tee. Unfortunately though, I got the call earlier this morning.

was already filled.

Damn that sucked! This was a pretty good job tailer made for my skill set. And the pay, well let's just say it wasn't too shabby!

It was pharmaceutical though and one thing I do know about me, is that I don't look all that hot in


Oh well.

I tell you ever since getting laid off, I feel like life is just one big

that I've gotten stuck in!

Good thing for me my life motto has always been that 1/2 full glass! I constantly remind myself to sit back after every set back and count my

Lord knows I run like a god in the friends department so, you all make it a lot easier to get through! I thank you for that.

I'll tell you something

my friends, if you ever only learn one damn thing from me, it's to keep that glass 1/2 full!

Life lessons come and go I know, but the one that should always stick with you is the one that's the most important.

Simply put,

So hopefully you can take that away from this little corner of the intertubles with you!

It ain't easy, trust me I know!

For a while there, I was ready to drop everything and join my Hippie buddy down in Key West and start up something like my own

I'm sure that would be a great life, it's just that I think I need a little more hustle and bustle than that.

Oh and on the Poker front, (YES I know, this is supposed to be a Poker Blog!) I ended up frickin' breaking even after such a great start to the week. I knew I shouldn't have posted the run good story! When will I ever learn?

So as far as Poker goes for this Frantic Friday, this is going to have to suffice for now.

Hopefully, that'll get you through until the next time!

Now if you'll all excuse me, I really need to take this

Hopefully it's something really important like a job offer!

But if it's not, here's hoping that it's someone else like BadBlood looking for a butt bonus and some

I can always handle that!

Lord knows it better not be DRIZZ!

I get so sick of all that discussion about Favre and those silly purple

of his!


To each of you I say stay strong in these challenging times and as best you can, KEEP THAT GLASS 1/2 FULL!

As always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

All life lessons should be NSFW.


gadzooks64 said...

Wow, I've missed Frantic Fridays.

Have a shot on me if I meet up with you in Vegas!