All I can say is, "BamWow"....

You're going to be saying WOW, everytime you use the BamWow!
BamWow's like ahead........ and then behind.

It's amazing!

Use it in Hold'em, RAZZ, STUD or four card bingo.
It works in every game and almost every time.

BamWow can hold up to Quad Kings,
before it lets go to the natural runner, runner Aces.

I don't know, it just sells itself!

BamWow's made by The Canadians and you know they make good shit!

OK, we're going to do this real time kids.
Here's some 10 of Clubs and we'll throw in the 10 of Hearts.

BamWow makes a standard for the table 3x raise from the small blind.
Now here's where it gets interesting.
Look at the BamWow get in there and catch the 10 of Spades.

A BamWow check-raise creates a large pot with an all in
and BamWow is looking to soak up some chips.

See how that runner-runner four flush just cleans up like no tomorrow there?

Honestly! Ican't make this stuff up!
The BamWow does all the work for you.

Just listen to these real customer testimonials :

eyefartalott : Yeah, the BamWow is like crack! I can't use it enough! When I get in behind, I'm sure the BamWow is good. But catching good is something I can always count on with BamWow.

hyonweed : It really feels effortless using the BamWow! It's exactly like the commercial says, "BamWow did all the work" for me! Thanks BamWow!

Donkeedum : All I have to say is THANKS BamWow!

isuknob : After my runner-runner with it, all I can say is Bam WOW!

Look kids, you can mop it up in a $1 game or you can hit BamWow just about anywhere, it really doesn't make a difference. Like I said, it just sells itself!

If you act right now, absolutely nothing will change.
The BamWow seems to do this all day long!

So get in there and get your own BamWow right now!

Here's the number to call: 1-800-imi-nbad or,
for those Euro's out there watching this at a drunken
2:00am local, use the 1-800-suc-kout number instead.
It's a direct line!

Call now!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Where do I send my money. I want TWO of those.

BWoP said...

I ordered my BamWow, but he hasn't arrived yet :-(