Just me and a half million friends....

That bit about us not really appreciating what we’ve got from yesterday, got me to thinking about how much we really do take for granted. Recently, I’d taken a little time to myself to sit back and collect my thoughts on this whole online Poker phenomenon. As I was about to sit down at another one of the virtual tables, I realized that I was only one of the more than 68,000 folks signed on to this one site at that particular moment. 68,000 !

As I was waiting for the event to fill up, curiosity got the best of me and I had to open up another site. When I did, I was amazed to find another 54,000 players sitting down in that virtual environment as well.

Nearly 125,000 players! That’s a fair sized city all playing Poker on-line.

So as I sat and reflected on numbers of that magnitude, it started to dawn on me that these are only two of the available sites. There are thousands, no wait! Tens of thousands of other players, playing on several of the different sites also available out there. It actually boggles the mind just a little. So this really got me going! I checked in on three other sites and found a total of 170,000 plus playing on them also. I had to start checking into all of the Poker sites I know about. Any idea what the grand total was that I came up with?

On Saturday night at around 10:30 pm EST., there were enough players to be ;

-the general population of the entire state of North Dakota.
-the entire city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
-all of the folks that live in Surrey and Burnaby, British Columbia combined. Hell, you could throw the folks from Kamloops in there too!

Over 650,000 players were playing Poker on-line!

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But I find those numbers to be absolutely unbelievable. The word phenomenon doesn’t seem appropriate or even big enough, all of a sudden.

Doesn’t anyone else find it incredible, how easy it is for us to sign up and sit down for a game of Poker? I mean think about it. In about one minute, you can take part in a game with just about anyone, from just about anywhere at just about anytime.

Let's face it! If you want to play Texas Hold’em, there’s always a game registering where you can play online Poker games.

I guess my point is…..

The world sure has come an awful long way since Atari Pong, hasn’t it?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


lightning36 said...

Unfortunately, the electronic boom has left some people with the false notion that everything in life happens immediately with just a click of a button ... or should happen that way.

Memphis MOJO said...

The internet has changed the way the people make friends.

Baywolfe said...

Yeah, I had one of those moments back in 1993 when a guy asked me to FTP to a server and get a file for him. After connecting to the FTP server I realized I was in a server in Buddapest, Hungary.

FYI, Pong was a fine product from the Coleco Corporation. You may have once owned one of their hand held electronic, or conventional board games.

Pong was originally invented by some NASA geek as a "gee look at that!" for an open house they were putting on. And the rest, as they say...