How the time flies, while I poker....

The second last long weekend of the Summer has come and gone, and one can't help but wonder where the hell the time has gone? It's August 5th. already for cripes sake! Peb's and I had a great weekend, and we even got to see Betty, Barney, Fred and Wilma all together on Saturday afternoon.

I see there's just 51 1/2 days now until I get to go drunk bashing.
Hmmmmmm...... wait.
That didn't come out exactly the way I was hoping it would.
Oh well........ it'll have to do.

Played a little game called poker over the weekend, mostly with mixed results. By some freak of nature occurrence equal to Locusts devouring all of the worlds crops in one fell swoop, I won a 90 player MTT of NLHE. I know, I know! Take a deep breath and settle down kids. Weirder things have happened I'm sure. I just can't personally think of anything at this exact moment.

I basically took all of the profits from that win and decided to really play some NLHE over the rest of the weekend. I made another small cash in one other 90 player game but pretty much top 20'd all the rest of them. Two were brutal suck-outs, two were lost races, (one ahead and one behind) and in two of the games, I was so far behind I don't even know what I was doing in the hand once the cards were flipped up.

I didn't play poorly in either TuckFard event last night, but I only managed to cash with a second place in the 8:00 pm HORSE event. Results = meh BUT, it's always great to get together with the crowd that's really supported the TuckFards and their Monday night games. Some of the chat with muhc, Bay, cem, Push and the gang, can keep me laughing well into the night. "Gushy" or not folks, I really do appreciate that you come out every week and help make it such a great time.

We even had a special guest stop by and say hi to all. I.T. was doing some promotional work, for his new Live Poker Radio Tour games, that have filled the void left by the departure of the MATH game. It was the first night last night and like they say, "everyone wants to be there for the first one." Well now I can say I was there. I shouldn't have been for Pete's sake, but I was! I donked off my stack with TPTK to Scott, while totally focused on my head's up battle in the HORSE game. Then sticking my last 60 or so chips in as the BB, I naturally run into numbono's pocket Aces.... and I go back to focusing on the head's up HORSE match.

A quick reminder that cem's Skillz Series runs again tonight. I see it's HORSE with a double stack. I'll have a tough time making it back home within the first hour of the game, but you never know. I love HORSE and having it a double stack game, means I can fold around a little longer than normal and maybe make it to the game in enough time to salvage something out of whats left of my chips. We'll see.

There's also Pauly's 5th. anniversary game on Stars as well. If you haven't seen the package he's put together for the winner, you must have been under a rock. Again, I don't know how I'll make it home in time for this one, but I'm going to give it a real go I tell you.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Instant Tragedy said...

Thanks for the promotional kick my friend.

I will try and make the next Tuckfards game, but you have to remind me.

Keep me in touch and smile...


muhctim said...

You can poker all you want. You can poker wherever you want. You can poker however and whoerver you want. But, as I have said it before, and I will say it again to all who will listen. I dont think you can have a better time pokerin anywhere more than at the Tuckfards I and the Tuckfards II. There just aren't any better folks out there.. . .Now if you had an inside track on intros to Annabelle the sheep. . .I bet you could drag 519 people to Bedrock for a tourney, too.